Even a simple meeting can be an experience for participants



Virtual meeting with quality of film studio



Extend the reach of your event to a wider audience. Enhancing the reach of speakers, sessions and event content.


Participants can watch the broadcast from home on a smart TV and vote from a mobile phone from their couch.


Save space rental costs and instead invest them in your participants.


Speakers can join our virtual studios from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of their home or office.

Virtual events

Nothing compares to a personal meeting, but nowadays we have to think about how, as event organizers, we can create a functional platform with a meaningful and impressive intervention for your audience.

Virtual events are definitely nothing new. As professionals, however, we predict that virtual events or their combinations will become an integral part of the event mix in the future, even after all possible restrictions have ended. They are simpler in production, they can fill the gap between the venue and distant places, such as speakers or audiences.

Last but not least, they are cheaper because they do not address the geographical aspects of the event.

We call this solution a hybrid event strategy.

Strategies where some events are in-person, some virtual and some even combine elements of both platforms.



Hybrid events allow event organizers to bridge the gap between face to face events and virtual events. hile personal events are unique in delivering personalized experiences, activations, and compelling content, the hybrid format allows event organizers to expand the reach of their personal virtual audience, using a variety of tools without having to significantly increase their event production costs.


Virtual events allow organizers, speakers, participants, and sponsors to interact remotely through a virtual environment.


While webinars and virtual conferencing tools have been around for some time, innovative approaches and new tools help transfer the goals of In-Person events into virtual space.